• Siyu Hu
  • Male
  • 1989.12.28


  • 15656928957




  • B.S. in Electronic and Information Engineering                 2009-2013

    College of Electrical and Information Engineering, Hunan University
    GPA 3.6 in major, 3.2 overall

  • PhD in Electronic Information and Communication Engineering                                                                       2013-2020

    Department of Electronic Engineering and Information Science, University of Science and Technology of China


  • Intel China Research Center, Beijing                       Intern 2014-2015 

    Manager: Shugong Xu
    Transfer research code of “Geometry-Aware Image Completion via Multiple Example” into business demo.
    Prepare and give presentation to advocate the project.

  • Internet Graphics Group at Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing                                                                      Intern 2015-2016

    Mentor: Xin Tong
    Study for indoor understanding
    Try to do joint segmentation for indoor point sets


  • Image Inpainting with Large Dataset from the Internet     2013-2015

    I am the leading coder for the project.
    Publication: Geometry-Aware Image Completion via Multiple Example, Guihang
    Wang, Xuejin Chen*, Siyu Hu, Pacific Graphics 2014 (short paper).

  • Indoor Scene Understanding                                              2015-2018

    I am the leading contributor.
    Publication: Point Sets Joint Registration and Co-Segmentation, Siyu Hu, Xuejin
    Chen*, Xin Tong, The Visual Computer, 2018.

  • Interactive Manipulation of Cartons from 2D Layouts       2017-2018

    I contribute some ideas about strategy for grouping in the interaction.
    I adapt code from my previous projects and contribute for the interaction inter-

  • Deep Learning Based Single View Shape Reconstruction 2018-2019

    I am the leading contributor
    Publication: Preventing Self-Intersection with Cycle Regularization in Neural
    Networks for Mesh Reconstruction from a Single RGB Image, Siyu Hu, Xuejin
    Chen*, Computer-Aided Geometric Design, 2019.


  • National Scholarship                                                           2009-2010

Skill Set

Languages: C/C++, Qt, Matlab, Python, Java, JS